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Normally, even if my native language isn't english, I'd write my blog posts in english like I do it with this one. But because this blog is meant to be one of, perhaps even the very first INTJ Blog in german, i have to write the articles in german and translate them to make the blog bilingual. As INTJ, I'm looking for the most efficient way to do that and at the moment I use Google Translate for the blunt work and edit the result to make it more readable. I know that is not perfect, but I have to weigh time consumption against quality and with only a few readers it must be enough. If that increases, I have to switch to a manual translation from scratch.


I now have no idea whether this is INTJ-specific, but success usually comes with a certain degree of self-discipline. Whether it is solving a problem or achieving set goals well before the deadline, the personal attitude is important in any case. My parents have recognized this from the beginning and never exerted pressure in their parenting: imposed discipline is never as effective as self-imposed. This affects practically all areas of life and should also be responsible for my saying "if I want something, then I simply do it" - because "simply" is usually understating and you need a lot of willpower to push it through. One could also pin it on a certain degree of autism if you are breeding so intense and for a long time on a problem, trying one possible solution after another, until you finally get it right. While doing that, you lose your sense of time and don't notice the many hours you have invested in the problem.

bit overweight woman as security at a festival

a bit overweight woman as security at a festival

Even if this autistic-based absolute focus doesn't apply, the personalities are very different when dealing with personal temptations. If you see such people as in the picture, then you have to ask yourself whether you really have to meet every emerging desire.

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In the previous article, I have outlined the multiple intelligences and the fact that I am well-equipped in all areas except for interpersonal. This is the right place for a little excursion: for an outsider it may seem as if I would brag with my abilities, but you can believe it or not: My life would be much, much easier if "normal" would be an option. I got such an awkward combination of factors that puts my chances of meeting a similar person on the street dangerously close to zero. Therefore, this is further away from bragging than one can imagine - rather a call for a self-help group of anonymous multigenies or something.

This is also the right keyword, because genius and excellence are not part of my profession. There are always people to find who can do more and better in every area. Even with an IQ of 140 there is among 500 people someone else who has the same (that is not really rare) and I do not believe my value is so high. But let's take a look at what we've already had: INTJ, Introverted Intuition, Enneagram 5/1, and a broad multiple intelligence. If we let that simmering forty years, this gives a strong soup. Driven by Ni, one constantly sucks in information, across all subject areas, always looking for new input. If you want to do something, then you just do it . There are, of course, preferences - if the logical-mathematical side is so strong, one is drawn to deterministic systems.

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Being gifted and Multiple Intelligences

This topic is not directly related with INTJ, but indirectly there are connections. Let us first consider the classical intelligence measured by IQ tests. If one reaches more than 130 points there and is thus two standard deviations from the normal 100, is regarded as a gifted - by definition 2,27%. As expected, the intelligence is not evenly distributed across all types. For INTJ and INTP (Einstein ...) there are almost three times as many gifted persons than on average.

The second topic is Multiple Intelligences: apart from the classical mathematical-logic intelligence, there is a model with eight or more intelligences in far more areas such as body domination or musicality.

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A little bit more esoteric is the Enneagram as personality model. Unlike MBTI, the Enneagram describes nine different motives that determines why you do what you do. Most of the INTJs are type 5 (Investigator) which is also without doubt my main driving force. Analytical, distanced, abstract , positive inventive, wise, energetic and negative unfortunately also isolated, nihilistic and eccentric. This usually includes the so-called wings, ie the neighboring types 4 (Individualist, creative, natural, disciplined) or 6 (Loyalist, faithful, courageous, trustworthy).

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Introverted Intuition

MBTI as a personality indicator is based on the work of Carl Jung, and he has assigned each personality a number of functions in descending order. Admittedly, this is the part of the theory about which one can argue, but for myself theory and practice agree completely. INTJs and INFJs are the only ones to have Introverted Intuition (Ni) as the primary function. This function is the reason that makes both types so special (and rare). This blog describes this (rather strange) feature for the rest of the world quite well, so I just add a few comments.

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Why I'm doing this?

Personality psychology is largely unknown in Germany, so it wasn't until 2015 as I came across a sentence on a dating page: "I am INTJ, and I like INTP" or so. Curious as I am now, I had to google it and thus began a completely new trip in the matter of self-knowledge. So please ignore my non-perfect language, I'm still german and translate my articles to english for a wider audience.

At the last city campus in Trier the psychology professor has confirmed that the Big Five model is established. Whether this is also true of all the subtleties of the Myers-Briggs model is open to discussion, but the saying on is sooo true:

“It’s so incredible to finally be understood.”
"Take our Personality Test and get a 'freakishly accurate' description of who you are and why you do things the way you do."

In short, my result was INTJ. Each of the four letters represents a personality aspect, there is a lot of stuff to read, as always Wikipedia provides a good overview.

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