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It is often said that INTJs have the Cassandra Syndrome: able to foresee the future (or even have a plan to ward off possible disasters), but nobody cares. Although I am usually not very prone to mood swings, right now I have a really bad case of Cassandra Syndrome and there's nothing I can do to change that. Except to write in a blog nobody reads. You cannot watch TV either. There were several reports: Once on the garbage mafia in Calabria, climate change and a report on the Brexit, plus a satirical contribution on the health system in the German Channel extra3.

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I cannot stand it when ...

... stories are nonsense. I do not watch that much TV, but lately Interstellar was on TV, and at least the soundtrack is famous. Unfortunately I did not like the story at all and on a closer inspection there are a lot of very big logical mistakes. A key element of the film is time dilation, which allows astronauts to outlive all the people remaining on Earth. Unfortunately, this is physically impossible, especially the scene where they land on the planet orbiting the black hole where minutes turn into years. In principle yes but so - never. The first big faux pas is when the sun is shining. I beg your pardon?! Since when does a black hole is shinning ?! Then I calculated this out of pure curiosity. Yes, a time dilation by a factor of 10,000 is possible, says the General Theory of Relativity. The only question is: how strong has the gravity field to be to obtain such an effect? I have misplaced my calculation, but the result was similar to the surface of a neutron star. With that we are far, far below the Roche border where a solid body loses its cohesion due to the tidal forces, means: Only the gravitational difference between the head and big toe would simply atomize a man, if that's enough ...

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