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True words ... from intpmom

I'm always rummaging through the web for interesting blogs - from and with INTx. So I came across The blogger is INTP and has given up her scientific career in favor of two children. Again, it is a good read in a congenial style.

Especially worth reading were these four articles:

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Nobody let me help

This headline is not quite right, but right for the things that I would really like to improve, to contribute to. I now have quite a handful of repositories at GitHub and Sourceforge where my suggestions for improvement have simply been rejected. Why is that exactly? I have no idea. Either other people do not see the need for improvement, or they do not like the way I made the improvements or ...?

Actually, it is very prevalent in the software field, if not part of the principle, that several volunteers work together. In principle ... Let's take Mach3. This is a home-use CNC software, and a lot of hobbyists are using it to remodel their own machines (and it's not freeware). If you want to cut threads on the lathe

Mach3-cut thread M8

Mach3-cut thread M8

then you can not determine the machine code directly and the included tool was ... let's say very rudimentary.

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Blöder Perfektionismus

I don't know if I it's possible that i have the worst possible combination of personality traits: The analytic-logical side of the INTJ combined with the perseverance of the perfectionist (Enneagram 1). Worst in the sense of: No one else is that freaky. Anyway, that's how it feels in these days. Example 1: This photo

My Prusa I3 Mk2

My Prusa I3 Mk2 with modifications, shot with three flashes

As with many other things that I do, this photo also has two purposes, which is simply more efficient: on the one hand the photo as such, on the other hand the pictured 3D printer. I wanted to discuss the latter for the same reason and I saw the potential for a good photo, then I wanted to make one. Click once with the phone would have taken 5 seconds. This photo about 4 hours.

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INTJs - similiarities across borders

The discussion about the reliablility of MBTI is constantly flaming up again and again. An INTJ-Youtuber Youtube Channel: INTJ lost it completely (untypical for an INTJ), erased everything, and claims now that all this is nonsense. On the other hand, I had an experience that, on the contrary, is a very strong argument for people with the same MBTI type being very similar. I came across this blog: and although the blogger - Geomeun Goyangi - is a woman from a very different culture - somewhere in Asia - the content could easily be mine, even the writing style - with a penchant for side notes - is similar. This means nothing else than that the thought structures for a type are the same regardless of the environment.

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Repair instead of new

From the series: you can fix almost anything. Since I am against wasting resources and the throwaway society I prefer repair, even if noone is doing it because it simply takes too long and is thus too expensive. The outdoor lights stopped shining, which was not very surprising given their new function as a underwater spotlight:

underwater spotlight ...

underwater spotlight ...

Every 'normal' buisinessman would've junked them and bought some new ones, but I'm not normal and quite frugal.

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Making your tools yourself ...

Do it yourself has something ... I needed a 10 ° angle cutter, but had none (if there is even one to buy). In the old craft tradition, the craftsman makes his own tools. The material question was quite simple: Silver steel (115 CR V3) can be processed with normal tools and easily hardened.

self-built 10º angle cutter

self-built 10º angle cutter

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New category: Engineering

On a short notice, I decided to move some contents. I am not 100% sure, but the combination of introverted intuition and extroverted thinking is responsible for my technical affinity. Everything that follows deterministic rules. Especially in some situations Ni allows me creative solutions to unusual problems, so I just copy the relevant Facebook posts here and then translate them. I think these posts are quite well suited as an illustration for the mindset of an INTJ. In addition, such a blog finally lives on its contents.


For a very, very long time, humanity has delved into utopias. I once sorted and read a few unread issues of DIE ZEIT and per chance the editions of Utopia (about Thomas More) and Communism came up right one after another. The problem is, however, that these utopias all have one thing in common: they do not work, however tempting their solutions to certain problems may seem. It is bothering me for a quite long time why they are not working and whether just I could build a system that works in reality, but there are a few obstacles. The main problem with the thing is probably that people are by definition not equal.

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