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At this point, I just have to write a status report about the items from my Todo List. I'm a bit active in the open source movement and have several projects underway where I have promised to contribute. Now, of course, this is a bit difficult if the work / company has been using up my creativity for so long completely. On the other hand, I have always delivered in my life what I promised. No idea if I can keep that up if you look at this:

  • Bigint-Library for FREEBASIC: There I have another mail with bugfixes, which I have to check and integrate
  • NL2BR Plugin for Serendipity: Here I was in the middle of making the plugin much smarter in terms of handling text within certain tags. Depending on the active tag, line breaks should become p-paragraphs, ignored, or changed to br-tags. Then unfortunately the work came in between ...
  • Mach3 Threading Helper: There are a few more bugs concerning the diameter mode, besides, I wanted to write an Auto-Updater, so that I also get feedback on how many people using the program at all.
  • Named Pipe to COM: I have not even started the project, apart from the feasibility check. Because my server is divided into different virtual machines and these can not access the COM interface directly, but my PBX is programmed with it, it would be necessary to do it sometime and there is certainly someone who can also need something like that
  • Notification for hMailServer: This replacement for the old KEN! -Suite which indicates if there are new messages for the users on the central mail server and it already worked in trial operation. The completion unfortunately fell victim to the lack of time
  • Freebasic tutorials: I actually wanted to translate them into English as well
  • SignaturePad: After nobody wanted my pull requests, I wanted to make my own forks for the html and android versions more presentable
  • GCode converter: does not have to be able to do much, mainly shifts, mirroring and rotation by 90°

Now I am also a model maker, and there is a lot that is already worked on:

  • Converting the lathe to frequency converter: The board layout for the controller board was almost finished? The material is there too, so that was not so much work anymore. I have to do that even urgently, before it blows my gearbox or circuit breaker mechanism completely.
  • Coolant ejector: It did not really work, so I wanted to make new nozzles
  • Double compound air pump: The revised draft should actually work (inner inflow and auxiliary piston return by spring), I have a matching red brass block there, then it was that: "just" build ...
  • Talbot gravel cart: the standard parts are already finished in the box, through Youtube I came up with the idea to model the thing first in Fusion360, which would be useful for the whole levers because the program can animate them - I already lick my fingers for it.
  • The locomotive has a lot of play in the controls after 200km of driving, so the bearings have to be bred with bronze
  • I also promised someone to build an injector ...

Oh yes, all my photos of the last vacation a year and a half ago still have to be processed ... even if I had a normal 40-hour week, this whole list won't work never out within a year. And that's illusory because the business list is similarly long and much should be done as soon as possible because it's an improvement to the current state. And why did I actually buy the VR glasses? To play something would be fun too. I had started again with billiards before everything went south. I think this is the curse of the jack of all trades in its purest form. The worst thing are all the half-finished projects, but I can also tell for each one exactly why I started the next one. Normally I also do a few in parallel so that it is more varied, but at the moment it has really gotten over my head. Especially if you have not had any free time for half a year and therefore did not move a finger for this list. This blog article was just spontaneous in between, as I had no time for it actually.


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