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INTJ and creativity


Over the holidays, I finally get to work on my ToDo list regarding this blog. This list includes every topic I want to address, and creativity has been on it for a long time. So this is also an answer to INTJunicorn. Although I am not a professional artist, I put my nose into some art forms and at least got ridiculously underpaid Euros for it. And yes, the question is whether as a highly organized, "emotionless" INTJ can do anything with art at all is worth a look.

But we start at the very beginning. There are two artistic subjects at school here: art and music. Art just means painting with watercolors, and I was not so good at that. Although I took the ninth place in a children's painting competition and my shot at etching (bird's nest in the tree) was at least good enough to be hung public with the other best pictures in the class (and unfortunately never returned). In hindsight everything was rather modest, since my imagination could never quite keep up with my painting technique. I had already considered showing these art works here, but then the stereotypical INTJ perfectionism won again: we only go public with something if we know it's good. For the outsider, it may seem like we are awesome with everything we do, in fact, we only hide what questions that image.

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