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Neural Networks

Even if I do not have time, I simply had to write this article. As I said, there is a biological limit to how much you can actively work in a week. In addition to that, one can still do passive things like reading or watching Youtube videos. The algorithm has now suggested a very interesting video for me about neural networks:

The whole thing is related to a project, which I did not mention in my previous article because I did not pursue it. But only because of the time / benefit relation, the topic is extremely interesting.

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At this point, I just have to write a status report about the items from my Todo List. I'm a bit active in the open source movement and have several projects underway where I have promised to contribute. Now, of course, this is a bit difficult if the work / company has been using up my creativity for so long completely. On the other hand, I have always delivered in my life what I promised. No idea if I can keep that up if you look at this:

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At the moment, I am fighting with a total reconstruction of our shop, after the bankruptcy of our main supplier last autumn has blown up all other plans. This requires an tremendous effort to do everything necessary in the required time. In other words, 80 hours of work per week is noted as leisure time, most of the time I'm scratching at the biological limit, which is somewhere around 100 hours. More is less productive because you fall asleep in the middle of something. Now, however, I can well explore on myself how to be motivated for more than half a year for such a exertion - and that in turn depends very much on the Enneagram.

showroom - before

showroom - before

showroom - after

Ausstellung - 3500+ Stunden sp├Ąter vom gleichen Standort, bis auf die Decke ist alles neu und die wurde auch gereinigt und ausgebessert

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