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Not everything is perfect in society


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Powerless, part two

I have already written about the Cassandra Syndrome and that I'm powerless about the big things, so now the whole thing from a much more personal point of view. It is also a very good example of how the time in school can shape a child. I had the misfortune to be enrolled as one of the youngest children of the year and was always very weedy and already weird at that time, all in all an unfavorable combination. Back then the term was not as popular as today, but it was classic bullying. One outstanding example were my shoelaces set on fire. Or earlier the almost exemplary: Take-the-cap-away-and-then-throw-it-in-a-circle-around-you. Now there are several ways to deal with such a situation: Either you swallow it all and it breaks you, or you are going to fight through. I did the latter and maybe that's why I'm standing where I am right now. The people who have not learned to fight for themselves - maybe because they never had to - they had it more comfortable, but then are quite helpless if such a situation actually occurs years later. For me that's an old hat: I'm used to fighting for what I want and biting through even if it hurts.

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It is often said that INTJs have the Cassandra Syndrome: able to foresee the future (or even have a plan to ward off possible disasters), but nobody cares. Although I am usually not very prone to mood swings, right now I have a really bad case of Cassandra Syndrome and there's nothing I can do to change that. Except to write in a blog nobody reads. You cannot watch TV either. There were several reports: Once on the garbage mafia in Calabria, climate change and a report on the Brexit, plus a satirical contribution on the health system in the German Channel extra3.

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